Airsled Inc

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  • Airsled Inc
  • 70-A Aleph Drive
  • Newark, DE 19702
  • United States of America

AirsledĀ®, Inc., founded in 1982, was created to solve problems in lifting and moving heavy and difficult loads. Our vision was to provide unique air film systems designed to reduce the cost, time and hazards involved in moving difficult loads. Airsled's founder brought with him ten years of extensive research in air film technology, giving Airsled over 30 years experience solving customer load moving problems. Once a garage start-up company, Airsled now provides innovative load movement solutions across the globe.
 Airsled's air film product (also known as an air caster, air bearing, air pallet, air lift, glide, dolly, pad or cushion) is designed for lifting, moving and positioning a wide range of heavy loads including industrial machinery, appliances, refrigerators, furniture, vending machines, and office, computer, hospital and medical equipment.
 Our team of employees has a variety of talents including customer service, manufacturing, technical and engineering. Airsled employees are proud to be part of a company that offers a product line that solves a wide variety of customer problems and prevents injuries to workers. Our experienced team is dedicated to recommending and designing just the right system to meet the specific needs of all of our customers