Baltic Bijoux

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  • Baltic Bijoux
  • Toronto, ON
  • Canada

The love of nature, the passion for sunlit amber, and the powerful beauty that resonates from ages past are inspirations for Baltic Bijoux.
 Our jewellery is designed to embellish the wearer’s inner beauty. On the surface, our amber designs have a unique aesthetic appeal – but at a deeper level, Baltic amber provides us with a unique link to the long distant past. To love amber means to appreciate its tonalities, history, age, warmth, magic, and glamour.
 The company began when Baltic Bijoux founder Ania Healy started receiving an influx of compliments from both strangers and acquaintances, all asking about the unique jewellery she was wearing. Seeing how people reacted to her amber, inspired her to think about sharing her access to unique amber designs.
 Baltic Bijoux was established in the fall of 2002. The jewellery made such an impression that within weeks Baltic Bijoux was proudly featured by some of Toronto’s most trusted and successful stores.
 Today, Baltic Bijoux’ jewellery can be found in over 100 stores all across Canada.
 Our Vision:

 The Baltic Bijoux vision is to introduce amber as a 'stone' that can be appreciated and worn by people of all ages, with different fashion styles and tastes. Each piece of the finest Baltic amber is carefully ed for its quality and personality and is handmade using customized sterling silver fittings.