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Bali Bottom Up/Top Down Shades let you lower your window treatment from the top to let in light while maintaining privacy. Or raise from the bottom in a traditional fashion. For Bottom Up/Top Down corded shades, Right Lift means the right cord lifts the shade from the bottom up, the left cord lowers the top down portion; Left Lift means the left cord lifts the shade from the bottom up, the right cord lowers the top down portion.
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Karastan SmartPhone SMARTSTRAND
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Mohawk and DuPont captured more than 4.8 millions seconds of video from four different webcams over 14 days during the SmartStrand Challenge. During that time, Ricko the Rhino certainly had some fun on his carpeting -- and he made some extraordinary messes! Check out this 60 seconds worth of fun moments Ricko had on his carpeted enclosure.
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In a world of Sherwin-Williams color chips, see all the world's colors from the view of a hot air balloon.
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See how the Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry craftsmen create the cabinetry loved by so many homeowners.
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Daltile is the industry leader in tile and stone. This video embodies the Daltile brand.
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STYLE collection Style reinterprets the timeless fascination of classic marble in the best possible way, enriching every hospitality area with a precious atmosphere of elegance and refinement. This porcelain stoneware collection takes its inspiration from five different marbles, selected for their unique and timeless style. The surface aesthetics and technical perfection privilege a sought-after attention for detail, at the same time enhancing the pureness of colours, the deepness of surfaces and the naturalness of the veining. To recreate rarefied atmospheres and diffuse sensations of genuine class in spaces. Available in matt and honed effect surface finishes.
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Select Barrett commercial carpet can't be stained
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Select Barrett commercial carpets with RavelGuard are guaranteed never to unravel
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The Berkshire series in the newest HDP -- High Definition Porcelain line from Florida Tile. The Color Body porcelain floor and wall line is an incredible departure from the stone looks of other contemporary lines. Through the digital printing process combined with an intricate surface texture, we are able to create an amazing wood look tile that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Aptly named, the Berkshire series evokes a nostalgic Americana feeling of East Coast prep and the rugged northeast. With its rich colors and hand-scraped texture, Berkshire looks and feels like panels of reclaimed lumber that have already lived a lifetime. Available in 6x24 planks, the five colors are among the most contemporary and traditional used in both residential and commercial applications. The palette designed with the American taste in mind, will take your traditional hardwood and put it in high traffic and wet areas that a natural wood could never hold up to. With up to 40% recycled content, GREENGUARD and Porcelain Tile certified, the line meets the .06% wet COF and includes and 4x24 bullnose to complete any interior installation.
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With exquisite styling, unsurpassed beauty and up to 117 variations of rich, sophisticated colors, the Knightsbridge collection from Sphinx captures the distinctive features of legendary antiques. These timeless patterns are woven on the most advanced electronic Axminster looms using the finest quality Wools of New Zealand.
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Multi-dimensional functionality makes Silestone Natural Quartz a better option for your home. Silestone offers cutting-edge style and performance by staying at the front of innovation and design, offering you over sixty-five stunning colors and two exceptional textures. It is a non-porous surface that is scratch, stain and scorch resistant, backed by a 15-year limited manufacturer's warranty. Silestone offers the unique combination of built-in antimicrobial product protection, NSF and Greenguard certifications. The result is a surface that is safe to be used in food preparation areas, and is easier to clean while protecting the quality of your indoor environment. Silestone Natural Quartz delivers it all: beauty, design, performance, reliability and durability. This unique combination of features makes it the perfect surface for countertops, flooring, walls, backsplashes, shower enclosures, vanity tops, tub decks and more.
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Levolor Wood Blinds with LightMaster
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Levolor Cordless Top Down/Bottom Up Roman Shades
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Florida Tile is proud to launch its newest HDP-High Definition Porcelain, Quartez. This Color Body Porcelain is inspired by the durability and beauty of natural Quartzite. Originally Sandstone, a very soft stone, Quartzite is created through extreme heat and pressure in the Earth. This metamorphosis creates a very robust rock that is resistant to chemical weathering. Much like Quartzite, the Quartez series from Florida Tile is heavily resistant to wear and tear, rated both for commercial and exterior applications Quartez is available in three colors; Citadel the darkest and most varied, much like that of Quartzite, makes a bold statement. The Fortress is a Grayish Green that adapts to its environment and plays a cool background to a modern interior. The Cornerstone a more neutral play on a Golden tone that will lend itself to brighten any room as a floor or wall covering. Created in a clefted punch, the surface has a heavy texture that contributes to the slip resistance, but makes the tile soft to the touch. Along with this, the HDP printing gives the design a heavy graphical movement between tiles and colors, creating a dramatic effect. Like all HDP products, the 3 colors are created with high graphic variation. The sizes available are 12x12, 18x18 and one of the most popular sizes in both luxury homes and commercial construction 12x24. The larger rectangular size adds a contemporary dimension of style and the Color Body Porcelain adds quality and durability. Available with bullnose, cove base and corners, listellos and a list of mosaics, the line is full of possibilities that you would expect from a premium line. Notable items are the 3 dimensional split face mosaic that will add an extra touch to your accent wall or backsplash.
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Ceramics are an ancient craft that date back some 4,000 years, originating in Ancient Egypt around 4,700 BCE.
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Area Rugs Guide
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Area Rug Styles
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So you’ve decided to go with carpet. Terrific. But which style should you choose? Do you like that really plush feeling underfoot — like the suspension on a 70’s Cadillac?
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Like pixels on a digital screen, fibers are the thousands of tiny threads that combine to create the look and feel of a carpet.