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Welcome to the Designer's Corner! Think of this site as your own, personal "go-to" place for decorating news, answers and all the latest flooring trends.
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A19 offers a variety of styles of wall sconces, pendants, and corner sconces with finishes to suit every type of decor, including Modern, Classic, Southwestern, Rustic and Craftsman, among others. Whatever your mood, whatever your décor, we can create exceptional ceramic lighting fixtures to meet your needs.
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Product manager, Chuck, shows off the richly textured floors in our new American Scrape hardwood collection. These floors are available in domestic hickory and oak, and they're made in the USA.
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Already have a flooring design in mind? Or maybe you're just beginning to explore the types of floors available. Either way, you'll find Armstrong offers inspiring flooring choices and great possibilities. Take a look at some of the flooring design options to fit any room, budget or lifestyle.
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Transform your flooring ideas from inspiration to installation! Learn about floors that fit your lifestyle and budget and get tips to prepare for your store visit. We'll show you what to expect every step of the way.
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A quick overview of current flooring and style trends from Joe Amato, an industry expert in flooring design and decor trends
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Emily Morrow is a trend expert for Shaw floors. Her experience in interior design allows her to assist in the color, style and design development of residential flooring. She spots patterns, gathers resources and samples to help create fresh and vibrant color palettes and prototypes for Shaw products. Shaw Floors focus on design and desire to be a leader in the market for design is what separates them from competitors.
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Trends in hard surface flooring are always changing and Shaw's Epic hardwood flooring is the perfect solution to follow them. Shaw's hard surfaces are easily installed, feature Scuff Resist and are offered in a wide variety of colors and styles.
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Joe Boehm, senior interior designer for Better Homes and Gardens, recently talked with Shaw about some helpful styling tips for floors. Joe explains how flooring is an investment so it is important to think about the function of the room, the lifestyle of the family, and the purpose of the floor. Layering is one style option to add an interesting look to a room, you could have a tile floor layered with oriental area rug or a hardwood floor with a geometric rug. Styling the floor is all about the look of the room and personal style. Shaw Floors provides a variety of areas rugs and flooring options to meet all your personal style needs
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Joe Boehm, senior interior designer for Better Homes and Gardens, took some time out of his busy day to give Shaw Floors a look into the world of interior design and style. Style is broad and has become highly influenced by the internet which allows consumers to add their own personal influence when decorating. Ethnic and global styles, where consumers decorate with items from their travels is one trend Joe has been seeing. Another trend is the revival of the bland color palette, full of whites and grays where colors and textures are built up. This could be in the form of a rough textured carpet complimented by a grey stained hardwood floor. Shaw Floors offers a full range of flooring in colors and styles to meet your needs
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Mohawk Home is a leader in rug manufacturing, design, and innovation. Our E-Commerce team discusses what they are discovering from direct interaction with consumers and our Designers reveal some exciting trends in rugs for 2013.
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Hardwood Flooring Ideas Center
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Hardwood Flooring by Room
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How to hide your JUNK!
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Watch as two college roommates get a living room makeover from THE COUSINS, John and Anthony, and find out how you can recreate this gorgeous geometric wall on a budget! Tune in every Friday for new episodes.Find out more about the products seen in episode 4 here!
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47 Kitchen Design Ideas with White Cabinets ★ Kitchen Interior Design Ideas
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Although dark color tends to make dust stand out visually, dark kitchen cabinets can still be a good choice for entire kitchen cabinet layout. This video gives examples several good dark kitchen cabinets, dark brown kitchen cabinets, dark wood kitchen cabinets, kitchen paint colors with dark cabinets.
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Kitchen Design Ideas on a Budget
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Tara gives an old kitchen a fresh new look
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Interior Design — 6 Budget-Friendly Backyard Decorating Ideas