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Mohawk Handyman Chip Wade shows how to install a Mohawk Hardwood floor using Uniclic Technology, which makes it simple. This television personality from HGTV's "Curb Appeal the Block" and "Design to Sell" also shows off the wood treated with Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology, which making cleaning a snap.
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Before installing your Bruce or Armstrong hardwood flooring be sure to properly estimate the amount of hardwood flooring you will need. You will also need to prepare the subfloor before installing your hardwood floor, so find out how!
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Learn how to install a Bruce or Armstrong floating floor yourself. This video shows step by step instructions with a 3/8" Bruce Lock & Fold floating floor being installed in a basement. Using a Lock & Fold floating hardwood flooring installation is the easiest and fastest hardwood installation method out there.
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Learn how to use the glued-down installation method for your Bruce or Armstrong engineered hardwood flooring installation. You can glue down your engineered hardwood over concrete or a suspended wood floor.
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Learn how to install trims and moldings on your Armstrong or Bruce hardwood floor. Get floor cleaning tips to keep your floor looking beautiful for years to come.
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The authentic hardwood looks are breathtaking. The water-resistant performance is irresistible. The installation is a breeze. But the real beauty of Luxe Plank™ with Lynx™ Technology is the freedom and flexibility it gives you, thanks to its revolutionary design and construction.
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Learn how to install a Bruce or Armstrong hardwood floor using the nail down installation method. Watching this video about hardwood flooring installation will teach you all the steps to complete a nail down hardwood floor installation on your own.
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A How To Laminate Flooring Installation Guide
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So you’ve chosen laminate flooring for your home. Excellent choice! You’re going to have the look of realistic hardwood or stone with even greater durability and affordability. But before you start planning that open house to show off your new investment, it’s important to focus on the installation process. Being prepared will create less stress for you — and your installer!
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One of the most attractive qualities of laminate flooring is the ease of installation.
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Aacer Flooring time lapse video of athletic flooring installation at Spooner High School.
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This video will help you decide which flooring installation method is right for your room. Whether you are planning to install your new floor yourself or hire a professional, Armstrong can help. If you decide to complete your own flooring installation, check out our DIY Flooring Installation Center online to learn about the skills and the tools you'll need. If you are going to hire a professional flooring installer, visit your local flooring store to find a certified Armstrong installer who is specially trained to expertly install any Armstrong flooring product.
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Installing a Granite Countertop and Kitchen Cabinets
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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets