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Glossary of Terms
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The heavyweight of all woods, mahogany is one of the most valuable timber trees. Popular in the '50's, mahogany is making a comeback due to the new attraction to the "red" woods. On an interesting note, new model automobiles were originally carved, full sized, entirely out of mahogany! Each piece, no matter how big or small, from the front bumper, to the engine, the dashboard, the drive shaft, back to the lock on the trunk is first fashioned from this very stable hard wood. Varies from light red or pale tan to a rich dark deep red or deep golden brown, depending on country of origin. It is generally straight grained but is prized for its figures which include stripe, roe, curly, blister, fiddleback, and mottle. Extremely strong, hard, stable and decay resistant. Finishes and stains to a beautiful natural luster.