Elesgo® Laminate Floors

Elesgo® Laminate Floors

Elesgo® Laminate Floors are different right from the start. The patented manufacturing processes through which the high-quality EPL laminate is produced is no only good for the environment but also forms the basis of the good ELESGO® floors with many positive properties.

Elesgo® Laminate Flooring offers a different look. "Almost better than the real thing," said the title of some press releases about the incomparable and fascinatingly clear, as well as true to detail appearance of ELESGO® floors in wood and stone designs.

Elesgo® Laminate floors are different to work with. With truly the best joints in the world, all ELESGO® floors are laid quickly and trouble-free, whether flexibly or permanently with glue or special sealant. No tools are required for laying the flat area of the floor, only around the edges, in corners or offsets.

Elesgo® Laminate flooring is different in everyday life. The extreme surface density with all smooth and structured designs as well as the anti-static properties of ELESGO® floors ensure that microscopic particles cannot stick to the floor and dust can be wiped off easily. A damp woolen cloth is sufficient for completely removing more substantial dirt. Separate cleaning agents or similar should not be used.