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 Denny Davis
United States of America

Looking for carpet squares to carpet a sanctuary at a church. Was gymnasium.

 Scott noll
Industry Professional
United States of America

Do you guys have in house installers or subs? I'm looking to be a installer hourly or salary . I have 15 years experience installing hard surface flooring with many refurals... Please let me know , I would enjoy speaking with someone about this .

 Susanne Snider
United States of America

I'm looking for an estimate for flooring in our living room and hall, carpet in the bedrooms (3) and laminate in the two bathrooms

 Jeffrey Bourgoyne
United States of America

I purchased a Vanacore home at 60 Apian Way, Ormond Beach, FL 32174. The installer neglected to put a transition strip between the tile and carpet in 3 doorways leaving a noticeable gap. I would like to have the pieces installed.