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 Geralyn Clevenger
United States of America

Hi -- I'm looking for 3 cartons of Tarkett Nafco Permastone: Rush Atlas Luxury Vinyl Tile GFLRU38016. You're listed as a retailer on their website. Can you tell me your price for 3 cartons? Thanks Geralyn Clevenger

 Laurie Christner
United States of America

Tried calling - no answer. I need a quick estimate of what it would cost to hang wallpaper (pattern match) in a 14.5 x 11.5 room with 9 foot ceilings. If you could email it to me asap that would be awesome. Tried calling - no answer

 Ron Schrock
United States of America

handle Palladio Wide Plank flooring? Probably the Driftwood color… or something very similar. Looking for approximately 1000 sq.ft of coverage.