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Created: 7/22/2006    Updated: 7/24/2006

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Q   I had a room added to my home. The roof is level with the master bedroom on the second floor so I had a contractor tile the roof with ceramic tiles and created a deck area. The tiles were laid on wonder board and supposedly water proofed (underneath) with Neoprene. Now, three years later the grout has allowed water to seep through and leak into the bed room below. All the tile have come loose from the cement. I like the look and feel of the tiles, but cannot go through this nightmare again. A few questions for the sharo minds: 1. Is there a fool-proof way of tiling my deck with ceramic tiles and not getting a leak? 2. What might be a suitable replacement material for the tiles? 3. Is anyone familiar with DeckRite Exterior Floor Covering? 4. Does anyone have any creative designs or ideas about what I caould do with this deck to make it functional and attractive? Your thoughts and ideas would be most appreciated.

A   I have no idea how one would install wonderboard over a roofing membrane and not have it leak. The proper membrane would need to be bonded to the wonderboard and tile bonded to the membrane.

Dave Gobis CTC,CSI
Executive Director
Ceramic Tile Education Foundation

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