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Created: 7/23/2006    Updated: 7/24/2006

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Q   I have a problem caused by a leak from the fridge ice maker water line. We fixed the primary problem, but months later a small area raised in the adjoining room old parquet (red oak, I think) that caused damage to only about 1 1/2 square feet. I don't want to replace the whole floor as I like the flooring and have some massive furniture on it, but I can't locate this size of parquet anywhere. It is small strips, with five strips to each vertical or horizontal section and the parquet pattern of four measures 9in x 9in. It is either 1/4" think or 5/16th (it has been sanded in the past. Might there be a source for this older size parquet? I am guessing the flooring is original and the house if 40 years old.

A   There used to be many suppliers of this style parquet back in the days when parquet was popular. Dixon was the one I remember most. It came in large unfinished squares with a web back that was placed directly into the flooring mastic. Once the glue is dried (usually 72 hours) you're safe to sand it flat, fill it, sand it smooth, then seal and finish it. You're repaired areas will not match your existing floor when you do this. Only the best wood flooring professionals will even attempt it. Even then, they will tell you it will not match.

You're best to refinish everything surrounding your repaired area when you fix it. I suggest you call a good wood flooring professional in your area and get a quote. Even if they find the right size and style of parquet to match your floor you'll be lucky if you don't see the repaired areas when everything's done. Don't look for the cheapest bid. Get the guy that convinces you he has done it before and can do it again. Even so, I'd pick the guy that levels with you that it won't match completely even with all this or his crew's expertise.

Good Luck!

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