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Created: 7/23/2006    Updated: 7/23/2006

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Q   I have two large dogs and several cats and carpeting is no longer working for us. Which wears best with pets, laminate or hardwood? I understand that hardwood can be refinished whereas laminate cannot, but are there problems using hardwood with pets which would make it a bad idea?

A   Hi,

To decide whether to go with wood or laminate, you have to consider the environmental conditions. Animals (dogs) depending on size, may influence your decision. Wood flooring is a natural product which is naturally going to be 'softer' than laminate flooring and may or may not mark due to indentions made by a heavy dogs claws or something else heavy dragged across it. Water will tend to seperate the grain of natural wood flooring over time, and you will have to refinish most wood floors after some period of time. The one advantage though of natural wood flooring is the look. Not many things come close.

Laminate flooring is by far the closest thing in the industry that resembles wood flooring. It is typically guaranteed to resist wear, chips, discoloration etc... for up to 25 years. The new 'floating' method of installation makes it a snap to install over most sub-floors without glue, and the foam underlayment adds to the comfort of standing and walking on it. It has a variety of colors as well as all necessary trim to finish the job. Water will not affect the performance, and animals will inflict no appreciable harm to it. It will not ever need refinishing and the overall cost is less than natural wood flooring.

Check both out and make an informed choice.   kernals4

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