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Created: 7/22/2006    Updated: 7/22/2006

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Q   What do I need to know about buying Berber carpet??

A   What do you need to know about buying (owning) a berber carpet. First I would like to say, they are very durable and hold up better against high traffic than a cut pile carpet. They come in a variety of styles and patterns. When installed properly they look great.

From a proffessional installation point of view - berber seams are more pronounced than cut piles. That doesnt make them bad, it does make them visible. They are stiffer and require a lot of "hand cutting" as opposed to trimming using a wall trimmer. The wall trimmer tool often catches a wire, err, length yarn, causing a run (like in a pair of nylons). Hand trimming requires more care and more time - why we charge more.

Buy extra. Be sure you buy enough carpet to eliminate cross seams (seams that run across the width of the roll) These seams cut the face yarns and even when sealed, will eventually fray and unravel. Many times just a few more feet could have eliminated them entirely.

Get a firm pad. Get an experienced installer. As long as there are no CUT yarns in the seam, and no gaps between the lengths of carpet on the seam, and very little "peeking" (a slight bump where the seam tape makes the carpet look thicker) ... accept your berber seam as well done.

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