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Created: 7/22/2006    Updated: 7/22/2006

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Q   My home flooded, and every room was affected. The carpet had 2 inches of water when we woke up one morning. I am going to replace the carpet with hardwood flooring. The insurance company says that they will pay the cost to replace the carpet padding and the cost to dry and reinstall the old carpet (8 years old) but not the cost of the carpet. My question, if I was to let them replace the pad and dry the carpet, would the carpet be desirable? Or should I request that they pay the cost to replace the carpet? Thanks for your advice ahead of time, Jeanie

A   About 75% of the time, (my estimate) carpet will delaminate after a flood. Carpet is usually put together using a latex adhesive. It will not withstand abuse, like floods or enthusiastic steam cleaning. Just getting the carpet wet will usually not cause delamination. Your insurance adjuster is trying to take care of you the same way one does if you have a leak.

Many Thanks, Jim Brothers

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