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A wood renowned for its toughness and resilience. Used for tools handles, furniture and fittings. Ash varies greatly in color from a blond/cream color to a darker tan and brown, found closer to the heart of the tree. There are several species of American ash: black, brown, and white. Like most other hardwoods the timber of the white ash is heavy, hard, strong and durable.

What sets ash apart and makes it valuable for many special uses is its exceptional flexibility. Ash is among the most easily steam-bent hardwood species. Early windmills were made form Ash. Ash is also used extensively in the manufacture of sporting goods. We all know that baseball bats are made from white ash. Ash is a popular species for food containers because the wood has no taste. Nearly pure lustrous white, ranging through cream to very light brown. It has an attractive, straight, moderately open, pronounced grain. Heavy, hard, strong and stiff excellent bending qualities. Because of its large pores it is seldom painted but takes all other finishes very well.

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