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 Introducing the HydroGuard oak, maple and hickory engineered hardwood collection from Robbins Hardwood Flooring.
Last Updated on 7/1/2021
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 Furniture Wood Types
Last Updated on 1/20/2017
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 Brad Young,Tech Expert with Kronotex USA, explains and demonstrates the various locking systems used on Kronotex USA laminate flooring planks. Kronotex USA uses four different locking systems or profiles to make installation of its laminate floor products easy and secure. Brad explains the precision used to make the profiles and demonstrates 5G, Express Clic, Angle-to-Angle, and Clic2Clic systems. This is a must see before you begin your installation for helpful tips and advice.
Last Updated on 2/19/2014
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 Learn why shock absorption is an important piece of the puzzle in the selection process of wood sports floors. Aacer Sports Floors offer many features and benefits that impact athletes and owners. This sports flooring educational video clip will provide you better detail why certain characteristics are consider in the purchasing process.
Last Updated on 2/18/2014
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 When choosing the right type of finish for your wood floors, it is important that you consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences.
Last Updated on 4/4/2011