Mohawk Makes a Splash with Statement-Making Pinterest Boards that Inspire and Educate Consumers

Mohawk Makes a Splash with Statement-Making Pinterest Boards that Inspire and Educate ConsumersDALTON, Ga. May 29, 2012— Consumers worldwide are taking new notice of Mohawk, the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, as the company unveiled its Pinterest platform earlier this week. The company has curated 15 pin boards, which visually communicate Mohawk’s key brand stories, while also showcasing its influential role as a home fashion and design leader. Pinterest is the third most popular social media site, ranking behind only Facebook and Twitter, and it is rapidly gaining users each day. Best described as a virtual corkboard, Pinterest allows users to pin online content, primarily images, that interest and intrigue them. In typical social media fashion, users can then follow one another, to track what their friends, family and favorite brands are pinning. Food, fashion and home décor make up a large percentage of the content shared on Pinterest. “We are very excited to integrate Pinterest into our overall social media strategy and tap into all that the site has to offer,” said Elise Demboski, vice president of creative services at Mohawk. “Our Pinterest platform was carefully crafted to inspire, while also embodying Mohawk’s core values. Our Pinterest boards tell consumers who we are as a company— that Mohawk is a design leader, we value the environment, and we take great pride in our American roots. These messages leave a lasting impression in the mind of the consumer and help to distinguish Mohawk from our competitors. Our retail partners are strengthened as a result.” According to Demboski, Pinterest is a great fit for Mohawk’s target audience. An estimated 70 percent of all Pinterest users are female, and the biggest demographic for Pinterest is women ages 25 to 34. Users are also logging more time on Pinterest than either Facebook or Twitter, spending about 16 to 20 minutes on the site each day. With titles including “Mudroom Moxie,” “Message in a Bottle,” and “Rocky Mountain Rustic,” Mohawk’s Pinterest boards incorporate aspirational home fashion and flooring photos, as well as inspiring images of fashion, food and other fun favorites. The boards will continue to grow and evolve over time, as the Mohawk team increases interaction with fellow Pinterest users. “Visiting Mohawk’s Pinterest page is a voyage of discovery,” added Demboski. “And we think consumers will really enjoy embarking on this journey with us.” Mohawk has also added the Pinterest “Pin it” button to the product gallery of images found on to further engage consumers and integrate the company’s interactive initiatives. To follow Mohawk on Pinterest, visit