Oelo Announces Permanent Remote Controlled LED Structural Lighting

Oelo Announces Permanent Remote Controlled LED Structural Lighting

Oelolighting solutions, a manufacturer of LED outdoor lighting products, today announced a new line of permanent LED structural lighting solutions for homes and businesses. Oelo outdoor structural lighting is fully customizable, providing uniquely expressive options to let individual styles shine throughout the entire year.

Oelo lighting features a low profile design that seamlessly fits home or business structures, remaining disguised by day and gleaming by night. Controlled via remote or smart phone with various lighting colors and features, Oelo lighting creates evening effects for every mood, moment, or occasion.

"After climbing a ladder year after year to hang outdoor lights for various occasions, I decided it was time to create something permanent that goes undetected until you want to illuminate your home or business," said Clay Horst, COO of Oelo. "Our desire to create the ideal environment goes well beyond special occasions. Our everyday surroundings are a direct reflection of who we are and of our individual lifestyles. More than ever before, those lifestyles are being enjoyed outdoors."

Oelo lighting systems are powered by individual LED engines to deliver safe, energy-efficient and configurable lighting solutions that are designed to withstand the elements year-round. Oelo lighting is comprised of a durable channel that houses the LED light engines. The channels are available in nine color options to match the exterior of the home or business, and the LED engines come in single- or multi-colored options with millions of potential color hues. Each system comes with more than 80 preset lighting programs and can be easily installed by homeowners or with the help of a local installer.

"With the holiday season right around the corner, there's no better time to incorporate Oelo lighting to your home," said Clay Horst, COO of Oelo. "Once the lighting is installed, you will get to enjoy the millions of potential color hues to create vibrant displays of festivity and celebration."

About Oelo
As a Colorado company with a love of the outdoors, Oelo ( is passionate about outdoor lighting solutions. Whether you want to illuminate your home, brighten your business, or use lighting to enjoy an outdoor living space all year long, Oelo provides top-quality products to make it happen. With excellent customer service from design to purchase and installation, Oelo will help bring your unique vision and style to light.

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