Apex Creates Pop-Up Book App to Tell its Story

Apex Creates Pop-Up Book App to Tell its Story

Apex Energy Solutions, a dealer for next-generation window and eco-friendly building products, today unveiled an app that allows potential franchisees, customers and employees to explore the Apex story through a digital Victorian-style pop-up book.

The cinematic app features realistic, interactive pages with tabs to pull, flaps to open and more, all accompanied by an original soundtrack. It can be found in the iTunes app store.

"We wanted to tell the Apex story in a way that reflects the kind of company we are," said Apex founder and CEO Michael Foit. "We want potential customers, franchisees and employees to see that we value innovation and quality, and that we offer a new twist on an old industry."

With franchises operating in 15 states, Apex announced earlier this year that it plans to make additional franchises available in cities across the U.S. Through that campaign, the firm expects to post double-digit growth in the next 18 months.

A former Hollywood actor and bartender, Foit spent some time selling replacement windows before launching Apex in 1998 with $20,000 in borrowed capital and a vision for what he terms "A Better Way." Creating a now-trademarked sales technique and embracing technology in a field that usually relies on outdated approaches, he has built Apex into a nearly $50 million business.

The Apex Pop-Up Book app tells the Apex story by reacting to users' fingertips, allowing them to turn pages and watch pop-up features take shape. Once a page is open, the user can manipulate tabs and open flaps to interact with the story. The mechanics of the pop-up features are accurately modeled on books from the Victorian era, when such books were particularly popular.

"The artistry and engineering in those books was incredible," Foit said. "Our animator studied those old books and the craftsmanship that went into them, and then created our book as a real homage to their creators."

Apex has often merged technology and time-tested approaches. The firm relies on classic direct-selling techniques—going door-to-door to sell its products—but uses high-tech marketing data and sales tools to identify neighborhoods and homes that can get the greatest benefit from its products. Its sales force is armed with the Loupe® smart phone sales app, which was created in-house, and its in-home demonstrations have long featured tablet-based, interactive presentations that replace the binders and folders used by many Apex competitors.

"We use technology to educate homeowners and guide our marketing campaigns," Foit said. "This allows us to operate efficiently, control costs and help homeowners save money."

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