How To Lay Out Your New Rug

Congratulations on your purchase of that beautiful new rug. No doubt it required some homework and adventure to find just the right one to tie your room together. Now that it’s arrived to your home, there are a few important steps to make sure you lay out your rug properly so that it frames your décor exactly as you planned.

As you’ve surely noticed, your rug arrived rolled up and packed inside a big plastic sack. This is great for protection during storage and shipping, but now it’s time to open it up and let it air out. You may notice a faint odor at first. This will dissipate over time, especially once rolled out. Open windows will help circulate the air.


Place the rolled-up rug on the floor and roll out flat. A non-slip rug pad is always advised for safety and floor protection. It also adds cushioning, makes the rug easier to vacuum and will extend the life of your rug.


Vacuum the rug without the beater bar to remove any shedding and dust. The pressure and vibration will help flatten out the rug.


You may notice curled edges or faint creases in the rug. This is normal as the rug may have been rolled or folded during shipping. For curled edges, simply roll the rug in the opposite direction. To flatten curled corners, try weighing them down with heavy books. Most rugs will relax and lie flat in a few days.

Your new rug and newly designed room will achieve maximum beauty in just a few days.

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