The Kashmere Collection

Karastan is set to breathe new life into its soft surface portfolio with fresh SmartStrand and wool offerings and a broader range of Kashmere styles, now featuring innovative Xtra Technology and All Pet Protection & Warranty.

Karastan's designs reflect the diverse product array currently gracing the market. They are curating trend-conscious product selections to satiate the ever-evolving aesthetic preferences of consumers while upholding a timeless touch.

As part of their commitment to product design, Karastan is tapping into new technologies like Xtra. This technology, seen in the Kashmere line, merges top-tier, exclusive fibers to furnish limitless design prospects for superior fashion and performance. This includes coverage against all pet-induced mishaps at all times through All Pet Protection & Warranty, the company explained.

Karastan takes immense pleasure in knowing that their designs are built with practicality, inspiration, and comfort in mind. Of course, it's challenging to pioneer in this industry. Still, Karastan continues to broaden its brand, offering consumers diverse ways to embrace beauty, regardless of their design background or personal style.

The Kashmere Collection
Boasting unique patterns and colorations, Kashmere exemplifies lasting quality and ease of cleaning, hallmarks of Karastan's reputation for luxurious carpets and gorgeous living spaces.

Inspired Designs: Kashmere presents elevated style and fashion-forward products that will spark your creativity and transform any room into a stunning living space, radiating the classic elegance synonymous with Karastan, the leading name in the luxury carpet.

Long-Lasting Materials: EasyClean® ensures enduring stain and soil protection for your floors, making them effortless to clean and ensuring their longevity, allowing you to enjoy beautiful living spaces without worry.

Their XTRA collection awakens infinite design possibilities by blending the finest, most exclusive yarn to create fashionable and exceptionally performing floors. Supported by the All Pet Protection and Warranty, XTRA ensures a beautiful and effortless life by covering all pets and all accidents, all the time.

Karastan® Carpet

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