Kährs launches the Artisan Collection

Kährs, Europe's leading wood floor manufacturer, has launched the Artisan Collection, the ultimate artistic collection of floors. With dramatic surface treatments, and a wide color range from pale to dark, Kährs Artisan will add a bold and powerful statement to any interior design. The Kährs Artisan Collection is characterized by creativity and extreme attention to detail put in by highly skilled craftsmen. The Collection has been developed specifically with the design-conscious consumer in mind. The Artisan floors have a contemporary look, combined with old-fashioned charm. The Collection includes ten one-strip floors which are based on the unique characteristics of Oak. Each floor within the Artisan Collection has its own unique style and character, spanning from palest white to almost black in color, and include a variety of different hand-made surface designs, such as distressing and handscraping. All Artisan floors have beveled edges and are treated with Kährs Nature oil. The Artisan Collection will be the first North American Kährs flooring introduced with the Nature oil surface treatment. Kährs Nature oil enhances your floor's amazing natural beauty. The oil brings out the fine structure and graining while deepening the wood color. Measuring 74 3/4" x 7 1/4" x 5/8", these Woodloc© floors will add a rustic and dramatic effect to any interior style. They create an authentic aged look, but with the benefits of a durable and modern construction. The Artisan floors vary from board to board in character and appearance, yet they all share strong and common features. These floors are constructed using the eco-friendly patented Kährs multi-layered construction, which uses hardwood down to the joint only, and fast-growing timber below. Additionally, they are all offered with a lifetime structural guarantee and a 25-year wear layer guarantee. The Collection will be introduced in North America in winter 2010/2011.

Kährs Hardwood Flooring

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