Castillian Collection

Mullican Hardwood Flooring has released Castillian engineered hardwood flooring products inspired by the old growth forests of Europe. The three new series, called Castillian Cottage, Castillian Estate and Castillian Premier, are a modern take on the classic beauty of the hardwood floors found in castles, cottages and manors across the European continent. Made with genuine European White Oak lumber, these floors will be the perfect addition to any modern, or traditional, décor for decades.

Mullican has been developing the Castillian product line for a while now as they wanted to complement their existing line of American hardwood flooring options with the unique style and look of the highly sought after European White Oak. This addition helps them provide even more design solutions for architects, interior designers, builders and homeowners who want a stylish contemporary flooring option to match their space.,castillianestate,castillianpremier

Mullican Hardwood Flooring

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