Sponge Cushion

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Sponge Cushion

Sponge Cushion - Cushion and Padding
SCI Products:

Rubber Cushion:  A wide variety of pure 100% synthetic rubber cushion, with Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR). Features include: Block-Out® Moisture Shield, BHT-Free, and Industry Certified for better indoor air quality.

Tred-MOR®:  A Premium commercial carpet cushion.  Tred-MOR® is synonymous with Dubl-Stik®. It is the benchmark by which all others are measured. Tred-MOR® can also be used in conventional stretch in installation.

Hospitality Series: Commercial carpet cushion designed and used in high traffic area's such as hospitals, medical facilities, schools, restaurants, hotels and casinos throughout the world.

Lifestyle: Collection of a high density rubber cushion designed for residential homes.

Silent Walk: A new superior noise suppression cushion for laminate flooring.