Bali® Window Treatments

Bali® Window Treatments

If a fresh, contemporary look is what you're after, Bali® is the brand for you. Plenty of hot styles and spirited colors provide you with a fashion-forward portfolio of window covering ideas.

Whether your décor is simplistic or eclectic, you'll find a blind or shade that excites your design senses. What's more, every blind and shade offers built-in value, making Bali one of the most attractive brands available to price-conscious shoppers.


Bali Shades - Bottom Up/Top Down: Shade Types

Bali Bottom Up/Top Down Shades let you lower your window treatment from the top to let in light while maintaining privacy. Or raise from the bottom in a traditional fashion. For Bottom Up/Top Down corded shades, Right Lift means the right cord lifts the shade from the bottom up, the left cord lowers the top down portion; Left Lift means the left cord lifts the shade from the bottom up, the right cord lowers the top down portion.