The Woolie™

The Woolie™

It's true: 'Necessity is The Mother of Invention.'

I have been a professional faux finisher for 10 years and I was looking for a more effective and creative tool that would allow me to work faster and still create fabulous walls. So many of my clients wanted me to incorporate several colors from their room decor onto their walls.

Before The Woolie, I had to roll  a new basecoat then apply faux finish techniques. Each color was then applied in separate layers. I realized that if  I could eliminate the time spent on the basecoat and apply all the colors in one coat, I could save time and become more efficient.

I created a winner - A technique that gives the illusion of depth and dimension on the walls. My clients are ecstatic.

And now,  you too, have the ability to use an effective faux finish tool that's not a gimmick. The Woolie gives you a sophisticated look and saves you hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself.

Your success with The Woolie is so important to me, that I've included my detailed video free when you purchase this kit. I have also simplified your color selection process with the chart on the back of this box.

Since the introduction of The Woolie, I have gone on to create additional tools and kits to make decorating with paint fun and easy!

Now, HAVE FUN creating beautiful looks for your home.. that's what The Woolie is all about. By the way, The Woolie and the Little Woolie™ tools are great for craft projects. Your kids will love them too; just ask my sons, Mickey and Danny.