Pella Windows & Doors

Pella Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are one of your most important considerations when building or remodeling a home, so make sure you choose the best—Pella Windows & Doors. They not only make your home beautiful and offer a magnificent view, they perform through the years against the elements.

The Pella portfolio offers three lines of windows and doors, from classic to contemporary to basic—there’s a style to satisfy every design taste and budget. And no matter what you choose, quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed.

Pella’s Commitment To Environmental Stewardship
At Pella Corporation, we’re committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. As a responsible corporate citizen, manufacturing outstanding premium-quality windows and doors, we’re committed to responsibly using all resources, as well as safeguarding the communities and environments in which Pella operates.

Pella takes a comprehensive approach that maximizes recycling opportunities, minimizes waste and pollution, reduces consumption, employs the latest in waste management and recycling strategies, and ensures that products made by Pella are made to last.

Pella’s commitment to environmental stewardship is firmly rooted in our culture, and has been since the company was established in 1925. Founder Pete Kuyper’s words in 1950, still ring true today.

“We recognize our responsibilities as stewards of our natural resources and the environment, and will avoid wasteful or harmful disregard of the environmental effects of our operation.”