Advanced Lighting Technologies

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  • Advanced Lighting Technologies
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  • United States of America

Advanced Lighting Technologies, Inc. (ADLT), formed in 1995, is a market-leading innovator and manufacturer of energy efficient lighting materials and finished products. The Company provides innovative lighting solutions to the growing global movement to decrease energy consumption.

In addition to its innovation leadership and core focus on ‘green’ lighting products, ADLT holds a low-cost producer status of its Lighting Group to provide competitive pricing. The Company’s Materials Group produces unique metal halide specialty chemicals, ultra high temperature thin film coatings and precision glass optics to create leadership products for a wide range of energy efficient lighting systems.

Focused on highly efficient, energy saving lighting

  • The Materials group owns a dominant share of world market in key materials for metal halide technology
  • The Lighting group has developed a majority of the world's metal halide lamp types, largely attributed to its wide range of energy efficient pulse start products
  • Proprietary expertise

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