Caribe International

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  • Caribe International
  • 401 South 50th Street
  • Phoenix, AZ 85034
  • United States of America

In our business lives we work in what some may consider a hostile environment. Our offices are comfortable, our co-workers are pleasant… however, it's the myriad of things we have no control over that can ruin our day, and our bottom line. We know that challenges present themselves on a regular basis. Some of us rise to the occasion, making lemonade out of lemons. Others crumble and fall.
 Our philosophy at Caribe International is that every challenge presents an opportunity to serve someone else, to excel and to assist others in their strivings to succeed, and to help them reach that level of success they work so hard for. We will go and do that which may have been avoided by so many others.
 In this spirit of serving others, we find ourselves exceeding expectations, and in the process, finding success for ourselves when and where we least expect it.
 As stated by a long time client, who started as a Cactus International Trading Company (the predecessor of Caribe Int.) customer in the late 1980s,
 "…sooner or later every supplier has a problem. But it's how they handle the problem that determines the good ones from the bad ones. In my experience, Cactus International is one of the good ones."
 Our goal is simply to make a difference, in a world full of too much negativity and heartache. We believe we are succeeding at this… one client at a time.