Appalachian Hardwood Manufactuers Inc (AHMI)

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The Appalachian Hardwood Timber resource includes more than 65.4 million acres in the eastern United States and provides the world with a bounty of the finest hardwood species. AHMI is an association of lumber producers and suppliers who manufacture and distribute the lumber and products from this region. For more information on sustainability, click here.

There are fouracteristics that make Appalachian Hardwoods stand above hardwood lumber resources. Since the 1920s when hardwood from this region began to make a name for itself, Appalachian Hardwoods have: come from a sustainable forest, consistent grain patterns, color and durability, increased yield for manufacturers, and been made in the United States of America. This tradition continues eight decades later as Appalachian Oaks, Cherry, Maple and Poplar set the standard for thousands of products and materials across the world.