Aerosmith Fastening Systems

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Aerosmith was founded in California in the mid-60's. It's first products were the Palm Nailer and Automatic Hammer that quickly spurred Aerosmiht on to reveal it's most enduring quality - INNOVATION! The company soon developed a portable Bulknail Tool and Nail Feeder that provided an economical and durable system for industrial applications like pallet and crate assembly. These tools soon gained International attention and Aerosmith was purchased by a Swiss manufacturer. The innovation continued and Aerosmith pioneered hardened steel pins for fastening into concrete and steel. The CT90 pin tool was born!
 In 1998 the Swiss sold Aerosmith to HKN Associates, LLC a group of investors who knew the potential for the Aerosmith fastening technology in large market segments like Cold-Formed Steel Framing. After moving the company to Indiana, they quickly started developing tools and pins suited not only for Cold-Formed Steel Framing applications, but also many more concrete fastening challenges. Products like the patented Gripshank; SurePin and SuperSharp provide solutions to a dynamic construction market that needed to economically fasten steel to steel, steel to concrete (track applications), high tensile, thinner steels and of coarse structural steel!
 Today Aerosmith provides over 40 Years of INNOVATION and has a product line that not only includes the "Original" bulk nail tool and feeder, but also the new high pressure (400psi) fasteners for use in up to 5/16" steel or the most dense concrete.