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Greetings from Kila, Montana where we live in one of the most beautiful areas in the state.  Kila is in the north western part of Montana near Glacier National Park.  We feel so fortunate to be in such a magnificent place where we are inspired daily to create our artwork.

Holly is a talented artist enjoying all kinds of mediums.  Winning numerous awards for her paintings, etchings and tapestry weaving's, she never stops being creative. It's been a part of her life since childhood.  She grew up in a family of artists.  She attended college for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  She has had several one woman shows and also has had her artwork in several magazines and newspapers.  She spends most of her time painting, creating mosaics, and when time allows, she and her husband like to go fly fishing and camping.

Jim had been a mason for over 25 years.  He is known for his custom stone, brick work and masonry fireplaces. Some of his work has been published in various trade magazines and numerous articles have been written about him in newspapers.
He has also done carpentry and woodworking for many years and has built several homes in Montana and in Ohio.

Our work can be a one of a kind distinguished addition to your home or business.
Our mosaics can be used for a variety of applications including walls, back-splashes, tabletops, showers and floors.
Use your imagination. 

We have combined our talents to create unique stone mosaics, hand painted stones or tiles, and handcrafted tables that are enhanced with our art. 
Look for our booth, we do art shows throughout the year mostly in Montana, Washington, and Idaho.
Just ask us where we will be next and we'll hope to see you there.

Holly and Jim Cutting of Somers (now living in Kila, MT) make pictures made of stone. Slates varying in texture, light, color, mineral patterns and size combine to create detailed mosaics of wildlife and flora reflective of Montana’s natural beauty.
Like giant jigsaw puzzles, the creations of Buffalo Trail Artworks start with many pieces that, when assembled correctly, form a variety of subjects. Eagles, bears, moose, deer, elk, horses, buffalo and landscapes are some of the artists’ specialties. Using tile and diamond-band saws, each mosaic piece is hand cut. Most of the slate used in the mosaics comes from local stone brokers, with more exotic pieces ordered from local tile shops.

Jim, a stone mason, and Holly an accomplished artist, started the business eight years ago to couple their talents.
"It was a way to make stonework more unique and interesting and for Holly to have a new medium for her art," Jim said.
The Cuttings began designing custom hearth pads, and have expanded their canvasses to include floors, walls, tabletops, showers stalls, kitchen-stove back splashes and entire building fronts. Their clients include condos on Big Mountain Ski Resort, the Majestic Valley Arena and wildlife conservationist and zoo curator Jack Hanna.
"Our plans all along were to get into larger mediums." Jim explained. "the hearths were an outlet to get the idea out there at first."
Now customers approach the couple with their own ideas for custom work. Holly then makes sketches of possible designs and reviews them with the customer.
"I’m lucky when they say ‘surprise me’, Holly said, "it’s always kind of fun to be able to do what we want and really be creative.
Pieces are either thinset -lightly adhered- on to wonderboard for transport or shipped in pieces. Mosaics are usually then installed and grouted in to place by tile setters.

Holly also hand paints tiles with painstaking detail. Each tile is oven baked at 350 degrees for one hour and sealed. At art shows, she sells items like hand-painted stone coasters as a side project.
The Cuttings say they have reached a good pace project-wise and hope that future plans to move will expand tier capabilities. "We just bought a smaller home, and we’re going to build a bigger shop," Jim said.

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