DuroDesign Cork and Bamboo Flooring

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  • DuroDesign Cork and Bamboo Flooring
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  • Canada

Welcome to DuroDesign Cork and Bamboo Flooring
We are located in Laval , QC Canada. Over 50 colors of Bamboo and Cork flooring in six patterns for unique,distinctive floors. Prestained and prefinished with our top-quality coatings system for utmost durability, flexibility and clarity. Enviromentally sound flooring.

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CONTACT: DuroDesign Cork and Bamboo Flooring Laval , QC
Tel: 888-528-8518 Fax: 450-978-2542 Email: info@durodesign.com

Our Brands

DuroDesign Bamboo Flooring

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Each plank of bamboo is finish-sanded to exacting standards. We achieve clear and crisp colors for our bamboo flooring with only the best quality pigments and preserve its naturally beautiful unique grain.

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DuroDesign Cork Flooring

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Cork flooring brought to life with rich, deep and vibrant DuroDesign offers cork flooring in 54 colors and six patterns for an incredible selection. DuroDesign cork floors are available in either glue-down cork tiles or click-together floating floor planks.floors.