Little Miss Liberty Round Crib Company

The Little Miss Liberty Round Crib Company proudly presents the U.S.A. patented, made-in-America Collection of designer Round & Heart shaped Cribs and Bedding.
 Authentic Little Miss Liberty Round & Heart shaped cribs and designer bedding sets are the first choice of many celebrity parents,Royalty, interior designers and Child care facilities - even the White House has one!
 Jeannie Kasem (Loretta Tortelli from the smash TV series Cheers) and husband Casey Kasem (The countdown king & icon of radio and television) are the founders of Little Miss Liberty Round Crib Company - the original Round & Heart baby crib company, named for their daughter.
 Proud professionals and parents across the country have discovered that Little Miss Liberty Round & Heart cribs are not only beautiful; they help reduce many common child safety hazards. Round Cribs & Heart cribs (by design) have no corners to endanger your child. Little Miss Liberty's patented round & heart shapes provide unparalleled child safety - it offers you unobstructed child visibility, easier child access and uses less floor space (yet with more usable area for the baby).
 Your Little Miss Liberty Round or Heart crib, is certain to become a family heirloom, a treasure passed down from generation to generation. Little Miss Liberty constructs cribs only from the finest hardwoods and hardware available. Each Little Miss Liberty Round Crib or Heart crib, includes a top-rated* mattress and unconditional guarantee. Proudly Made in America!
 Designing your own Little Miss Liberty Round or Heart Crib is easy! Virtually everything you need to outfit your Round or Heart Crib is included in a collection bedding set. Round & Heart Crib beddings sets are available in Universal canopy sets and hundreds of dome styles, so you can display the set in many configurations!
 Celebrate the arrival of your own baby with a Little Miss Liberty designer Round or Heart crib of your own. Simply select your crib style and bedding set selection. Little Miss Liberty has made designing your own nursery, as easy as 1-2-3!




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