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COUNTRY WOOD FLOORING is a industry leading manufacturer of Hardwood Flooring products.  With state-of-the-art technology combined with our advance production line, we have the ability to supply our customers the highest quality hardwood flooring.


                Our superior quality control system is ISO 9002 Certified.  To provide the highest quality product we not only control the quality while the flooring is in production but the entire process from the purchase of raw materials.


  •        We pre-select the raw logs, supervise the kiln dry processing and milling to precise dimension

  •        Finished according to specifications

  •        Sorting of grades is done after finishing to ensure the correct product (our standards and  grading rules exceed the industry standard)  


                All of these steps ensure our products will be the most durable, stable, and consistent product available. We are committed to supply you the best quality fine wood floors.


               Our mission is to work as a team with you, we know our growth is depend on your success. You and your customer's satisfaction is guaranteed.


               With huge facilities and inventory in the United States, we can have your order shipped at the same day you ordered and to any where in the States.

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