Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc (SFI)

The SFI program is now fully indepent. On January 1, 2007, a new, fully indepent organization, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc. (SFI, Inc.) was d to direct all elements of the SFI program.

This indepence solidifies the SFI program's strong market position as one of the world's leading forest certification programs.

The multi-stakeholder Board of Directors of SFI, Inc. is the sole governing body over the SFI Standard and all aspects of the program, including chain of custody certification and labeling, marketing and promotion. The diversity of the board members reflects the variety of interests in the forestry community. Board representatives come from environmental and conservation organizations, public officials, professional and academic groups, forest products industry, indepent logging professionals and forest landowners. This balance ensures that the SFI Program protects the economic, environmental and social needs of our forests and communities.