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We are located in Export, PA United States of America. Karndean is the leading manufacturer of Luxury vinyl flooring. The website featuring the ranges Knight Tile, Michelangelo, Renoir, Van Gogh and Da Vinci. Design your own floor with Karndean's Floorstyle programme.

A good place to start is our selection of brands. We carry LVT/LVP, Waterproof Flooring, and more...

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Karndean Design Flooring

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We supply homes and businesses with Designflooring, floors that are stunning to look at yet easy to look after. Each comes with a selection of customizable features so you can create something really special and personal to you. With so many styles, finishes and formats to choose from, everyone can find something to suit their personal style. The ethics and values of our founder run through all teams and aspects within our business and we're proud to be a leader in environmental commitment with a focus on corporate social responsibility.

Karndean Designflooring
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Maya's Story

Meet Maya. A freelance journalist, blogger and busy mum, Maya takes us through her inspired 1970s house and her journey to picking a Karndean floor. Along the way, Maya introduces us to her beautiful family and explains why Karndean was the perfect fit for her home - ticking boxes for comfort, durability and easy maintenance.