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 We specialize in transforming outdated, unattractive brick fireplaces into beautiful focal points for any room. You can feel confident that if you decide to makeover your fireplace, Brick-Anew is the right solution. The Brick-Anew system was designed to be so easy that anyone could feel confident using our product, even if they aren’t artistic or an expert at do-it-yourself projects. Many of our customers are women who are just trying to decorate their family room around a not-so-attractive brick fireplace.
 Brick-Anew is the perfect solution for real estate agents and interior designers who need to improve the look of a brick fireplace quickly while sticking to a budget.
 There are a number of options to choose from when trying to decide how to update your brick fireplace. But other than slapping a can of paint over your brick, these options cost thousands of dollars. You have to hire contractors and you have a big mess.
 With Brick-Anew, you spend a fraction of the cost of these other options and have money left over in your budget to buy new furniture for your family room, hardwood floors, or a beautiful new rug. Why spend it all on your fireplace when you don’t have to?
 Brick-Anew gives you the look of real brick – not just brick that’s been painted over. No one will walk into your house and say, “I see you painted your fireplace this weekend.”
 If you wanted to re-brick your fireplace and went to buy new bricks, every brick wouldn’t look the same and every brick wouldn’t be one solid color, right? Well, that’s the look you get with the Brick-Anew system – the look of real brick.
 Brick-Anew was founded in 1997 outside of Portland Oregon by Virginia Bitler who recognized a need for updating old, outdated brick fireplaces. At the time the only solution for an ugly brick fireplace was to rip it out, reface it, or paint it. All of the solutions were either expensive or ugly. After many hours of research and testing, a foolproof product and process was developed so that anyone could successfully give their fireplace a new updated look. In 2004 the company was moved to it’s current location outside of Atlanta GA.
 We have hundreds of satisfied customers across the United States and in Canada. We strive for excellence in our customer service, taking care to treat every customer the way we would want to be treated.
 Please contact us with any questions or concerns and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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