Atlanta Grout & Tile Care Inc.

  • Tel: 770.917.9200

Atlanta Grout and Tile Care is a family owned and operated company that has been around since since 1995. Our headquarters, Desert Tile and Grout Care, is located in Phoenix, AZ, where we have developed our company through research and development, into high quality professional Grout and Tile restoration experts. We specialize in tile cleaning & grout cleaning, restoration, coloring, and stain protection on Ceramic Tile, Travertine, Slate, Marble, Flagstone, Mexican Tile & Saltillo. We also clean and seal natural stone (i.e. granite, travertine, saltillo etc.) Other services: enhance patios and walkways made out of stone or brick. Shower deep clean and restore with caulk repair. Shower pan removal and installion, and Shower enclosure installation Our unique color sealing process s a long-lasting, durable layer of protection that prevents dirt and spills from being absorbed by grout. The grout color is "locked in" while dirt and stains are "sealed out". This revolutionary process protects new grout and restores old grout color to new again, leaving the grout completely uniform. Even grout with permanent stains can be brought back to a brand new look. Our grout color seal comes in 100's of shades. Our company is committed to offering the very best of products without sacrificing quality. The experience of hundreds of satisfied clients has proven that every little detail makes a difference. That’s why we like to “Put A Smile On Your Tile!”