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Customers are using our rubber mats, carpet tile, foam mats, and rubber floor tiles for a variety of purposes, ranging from covering fitness club floors and martial arts studios - to creating educational kids puzzle mats, yoga mats, exercise mats, tumbling mats, and hopscotch mats. The possibilities for using and enjoying these lightweight, waterproof, shock absorbent foam rubber floor tiles are limited only by your imagination. In addition to being available in over 12 colors, this comfor and affordable flooring choice have many other desirable qualities, including being soundproof, por, and aerobic. These soft interlocking tiles are 2 feet square and five-eighths of an inch thick. Our soft carpet tiles, also made of closed cell EVA foam rubber are available in eight attractive dark colors, plus two light grey shades, and a rich red color. Our reversible soft floor tiles are available in black/grey and blue/red color combinations in ten and 15-pack sets. This extremely comfor flooring is made out of high density EVA foam and is 7/8" thick. If you'd like to achieve the contemporary look of hardwood floors, while enjoying the comfort of light weight, closed cell EVA foam rubber, then consider the unique choice of SoftWood tiles. It's available in ten packs of light oak and dark oak. For something really out of the ordinary, take a look at our SoftCameo Tiles with a black and grey camouflage design. Sold in packs of ten, each tile comes with two attached border pieces. Kids Puzzle Mats - Interlocking Puzzle Mats for Children We also carry an assortment of soft floor tiles that are designed for a child's bedroom, a children's play area, a daycare facility, or a nursery school. safety during playtime.