Acclaim Cabinetry & Remodeling Supply

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  • Acclaim Cabinetry & Remodeling Supply
  • 8550 East Avenue
  • Mentor, OH 44060
  • United States of America

As someone who has worked in the remodeling business for over 35 years, I constantly search for suppliers who could provide the best products at the best prices. I expected to find distributors who had knowledgeable sales people and who offered a vast product selection at competitive prices. Finding such a supplier proved to be so difficult that I have now created one: Acclaim Cabinetry & Remodeling Supply. I invite you to visit us and see why we are different.

Acclaim Cabinetry & Remodeling Supply is a unique showroom for a wide range of quality products form multiple manufacturers. When you enter our showroom, you will receive personal attention, ALWAYS a hallmark of our business. Products on display include: cabinets, plumbing, counter tops, ceramic tile, flooring, doors, windows, siding and more. My extensive knowledge of the remodeling business has helped me identify excellent products which will provide value for you and your customers. In our showroom, we strive to display representative pieces from all our product lines. If, for some reason, we do not have the appropriate sample on hand, we will acquire one for you.

Located at 8550 East Avenue in Mentor (Ohio), Acclaim Cabinetry & Remodeling Supply is open daily, Monday through Friday. We invite you to call 440.974.7978 and schedule an appointment with me, Tom or Doug - so that we may assure you have the most productive experience in our showroom. Our location in central Mentor is convenient and easy to find - close to Route 2 and Route 615, east of Cleveland, Ohio. (googlemap of our location)
I look forward to meeting you and working with you to provide wholesale pricing and excellent service for your customers.
Bob Gallese, President
Acclaim Cabinetry & Remodeling Supply