Bruce Rigid Core

Bruce Rigid Core

LifeSeal Reserve is a rigid core flooring that delivers 100 percent waterproof protection to stand up to the busiest of homes and light commercial spaces, without sacrificing comfort or style. In addition, the flooring features Bruce's Cleantivity antimicrobial coating technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Bruce LifeSeal Reserve reproduces the fine detail and authentic character found in natural hardwood, stone and marble. This carefully curated, resilient floor collection features a luxurious array of designs in muted textures and in wide widths. It features trending white oak visuals, reflecting soft colors and natural tones to create comforting interior spaces. Wider width planks and tiles are offered in an on-trend matte, low gloss finish. These aesthetics fit into the Japandi design trend of meshing Japanese design aesthetics with Scandinavian pale minimalism. Also popular are rustic, artisanal looks and tactile surfaces that embrace natural imperfections, especially in wood looks.

LifeSeal Reserve coating with Cleantivity Antimicrobial Technology is a breakthrough coating system that provides best-in-class protection. The special formulation is infused with an integrated technology to not only provide superior resistance to scratches and stains, but also offers easy cleanability, and the Cleantivity antimicrobial technology inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Beautiful and durable, the floors can be installed in any room and on any level, including three season rooms and rooms with direct sunlight. The 100 percent waterproof planks are easy to maintain, and LifeSeal Reserve is uniquely built to withstand it all, including dents, scratches, spills, stains and fading from sunlight. The floors perform well at high and low temperatures, from zero to 200 F.


Bruce Rigid Core | Kitchens - 6619
Bruce Rigid Core | Foyers/Entry - 6620
Bruce Rigid Core | Bedrooms - 6621
Bruce Rigid Core | Bathrooms - 6622
Bruce Rigid Core | Kitchens - 6623
Bruce Rigid Core | Bathrooms - 6624
Bruce Rigid Core | Kitchens - 6625
Bruce Rigid Core | Dining Areas - 6626
Bruce Rigid Core | Bathrooms - 6627
Bruce Rigid Core | Foyers/Entry - 6628