Turkoman rugs have small, repeating geometric designs and are normally fine quality. The elephant foot and octagonal 'gul' motifs tend to look best in smaller sizes that make the most of the intricate pattern. Turkoman rugs are not the hardest wearing rugs. Turkoman rugs are recommended more for decorative use than high traffic areas. Turkoman rugs usually come in greens, reds, whites, and browns. You'll hear Turkoman rugs referred to as Beshir rugs, Bokhara rugs, or Samarkand rugs.

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Nourison Rug Company

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Nourison is the world's largest importer and manufacturer of fine handmade oriental rugs. World headquarters in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, with offices in Atlanta, High Point, Zurich, Germany, China and India....

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Harounian Rugs International


For over thirty years Harounian Rugs International has been a leader in quality and styling in the area rug industry.