Telescope Casual Furniture

Telescope Casual Furniture Telescope has remained a remarkably successful family owned business currently managed by the fourth and fifth generation, and headed by Kathy Juckett. More than 300 employees maintain a close working relationship with the Vanderminden family and management team. Much of Telescope’s success is owed to the talented and skilled work force that takes pride in their craftsmanship, and the professional sales force who work tirelessly to ensure every customer’s expectations are exceeded by their Telescope experience. Telescope’s goals are to focus on providing the highest levels of Quality, Design, Comfort, Selection and Fast/Consistent Delivery. None of these characteristics are easy to deliver, but we know that they are critically important. Telescope is proud to have earned the reputation as having the best customer service, the fastest delivery and the best quality products in the industry. Our entire team is working every day to prove to the world that our reputation is well deserved. The future for Telescope will be reminiscent of the first 109 years. Telescope remains committed to being an industry pioneer by introducing new innovations and products while preserving our well deserved reputation for the highest quality and unsurpassed customer service. This genuine commitment has served Telescope well for over a century and will continue to be our goal in shaping the casual furniture industry.

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