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Employee-owned Showplace Wood Products, Inc. manufactures fine all-wood cabinetry for the home, with a unique combination of value and selection, backed by the assurance of a limited lifetime warranty. Every cabinet is made-to-order to fit the individual homeowner's specific style and space requirements.

Since its beginnings in 1999, Showplace Wood Products has been one of the fastest growing cabinetry brands in America offering high-value, semi-custom cabinetry through independent dealerships nationwide.

In just a very few years Showplace has gone from a standing start to being a major national brand. That's because many independent cabinetry dealers and their customers like the Showplace mix of product, flexibility and price.

It all began with an idea: Create a cabinetry brand that makes sense. A small group of experienced cabinetry professionals gathered together in 1999; this group shared a vision for a brand that offered the most-wanted features to the most people. But this vision also included some important differences from other brands. Like modifications that were comprehensive and affordable, often without charge. Like specialty style and finish options that were also affordably priced. Like a product offering that was complete, yet not overly complex, or weighed down with too many restrictions and limitations.

In 2006 the company transitioned from its original group of owners to become a 100% employee-owned business.

The original vision of the founding team laid the path but it's the people of Showplace who walk the walk. You'll find a bunch of typical South Dakotans here: People who work hard and care about what they do. People who are naturally friendly and helpful because, well, that's just the way we are. From top management to customer service to the workers on the line: We're all proud of the brand we've created - the brand we all own - and are personally invested in the products we send out the door.

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Showplace Cabinetry

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Employee-owned manufacturer of fine cabinetry for the home, backed by a limited lifetime warranty

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Showplace Renew

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Showplace Renew is a product line of Showplace Wood Products, Inc.