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Villeroy & Boch

From Washing Vessels to Complete Bathrooms

The origins of the Bathroom and Kitchen Division date back to 1856, when Villeroy & Boch began production of washing vessel sets in Mettlach and Dresden. These sets comprising washing bowls, jugs soap dishes and chamber pots, were manufactured elaborately by hand. As early as 1899, Villeroy & Boch began cost-effective large-scale serial production of ceramic sanitary ware at its Merzig factory - bathtubs, sinks, WCs were manufactured in the newly-developed pipe-clay ceramic material. Shortly afterwards, production was rationalised even further and bathroom installations made affordable for broad sectors of the public by the introduction of the slip-casting process, which involved the liquefied ceramic mass being poured into moulds. In so doing, Villeroy & Boch initiated the democracy of bathing tradition.

For a long time, the bathroom was restricted purely to the function of a "hygiene centre". Its development into a "homely bathroom" has only been effected during the past 20 years. Villeroy & Boch was the forerunner in this development when it introduced its collection concept in the 1970s. The renowned designer, Luigi Colani, was commissioned to create a complete collection of bathroom articles with a universal design. As a result, he converted comparatively anonymous, functional products into contemporary design products, which made a decisive contribution towards enhancing the entire bathroom area. Colours were introduced into ceramic sanitary ware and the unpopular room attained a completely new quality. For the creative members of Villeroy & Boch, it was the start of a new way of thinking: not only products but also living areas are created.

Still in the seventies, Villeroy & Boch began including further bathroom furnishing elements in its range, which were beyond the traditional range of sanitary ware items. These innovative items were manufactured under Villeroy & Boch's own brand name and in accordance with its own design standards.

The Product Range

Villeroy & Boch today manufactures complete installations for both bathroom and kitchen at seven production facilities in Germany, France, Romania, the Netherlands, Austria and Hungary. The following products are supplied directly by Villeroy & Boch or manufactured under contract:
· sanitary appliances such as washbasins, WCs, bidets,
  urinals and shower trays
· fittings
·high-quality plastic shower trays and bathtubs
·ceramic kitchen sinks
·bathroom furniture
·and kitchen furniture
·bathroom accessories (mirrors, lights, shower-dividers)
·bathroom textiles
In addition to products for the private sector, Villeroy & Boch also offers a cleverly-thought-out range for the construction project sector, which is tailored to suit the special requirements of planners and architects.