Bartson Fabrics

Located 15 miles northwest of New York City in Midland Park, New Jersey, Bartson Fabrics Incorporated imports fine textiles from around the world for distribution throughout the United States and Canada. 

The company now known as Bartson Fabrics Incorporated was founded in 1917 by Albert J. Bartson as Albert J. Bartson Fabrics.  Weaving was performed on a loom in a garage in Midland Park, New Jersey.  In 1922, the company's weaving operations were moved to a facility in Paterson, NJ before being moved back to a purpose built textile mill in Midland Park, New Jersey.  As the demand for the company's fabric grew, a second mill was established in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This mill was a key supplier of Cotton Duck to the United States Army during World War II.  Following the war, further demand required a larger facility.  In 1949 the Charlotte mill was sold weaving operations were moved to a newly constructed, 144 loom mill in Lavonia, Georgia in 1949.  In 1962, this facility was sold as Albert J. Bartson Fabrics had shifted its focus to the importation and distribution of fabrics from Europe and Asia.  Reflecting this shift in business activity, the company's name was changed to Bartson Fabrics Incorporated.  The company, now employing a fourth generation, continues to operate its main office from the Midland Park, New Jersey facility.