Delos Rugs

Delos Rugs: Weaving Luxury into Every Thread

Nestled in the heart of America’s textile industry, Delos Rugs has emerged as a beacon of luxury and design innovation in the world of high-end floor coverings. With a commitment to craftsmanship and a keen eye for contemporary aesthetics, Delos Rugs has carved out a niche for itself in the national brand landscape.

Founded with a passion for quality and design, Delos Rugs took its first steps in an industry that dates back millennia. The brand has seamlessly blended traditional rug-making techniques with modern technology to create pieces that are both timeless and contemporary. Delos’s ability to customize rugs to the minutest detail has endeared them to designers and homeowners alike, enabling a level of personalization that is rare in the market.

The brand’s catalog features a diverse range of products, each collection speaking to a different aspect of their design philosophy. From the plush textures of their shag rugs to the intricate patterns of their flatweaves, Delos’s offerings are as varied as the spaces they inhabit. What sets them apart is the painstaking attention to detail that goes into every rug, ensuring that each piece is not just a floor covering but a work of art.

Delos Rugs are designed and manufactured in the USA, which allows for unparalleled quality control and contributes to the local economy. The brand takes pride in using sustainable materials and practices, understanding that luxury does not have to come at the expense of the environment. This dedication to sustainability has earned them a loyal customer base and accolades in the industry.

Collaborations with renowned designers have kept Delos Rugs at the forefront of design innovation. These partnerships result in collections that push the boundaries of rug design, introducing bold patterns, unconventional shapes, and a rich palette of colors that challenge the conventional notions of what a rug should be.

Delos Rugs understands that purchasing a rug is an investment. To that end, they ensure customer satisfaction through exceptional service. From the initial design consultation to the delivery and installation of the final product, Delos guarantees a customer experience that is as bespoke as their rugs.

Education is also a part of Delos’s brand mission. They make it a point to inform customers about rug care, maintenance, and the artistry behind rug making. This commitment not only highlights the brand’s expertise but also instills confidence in customers, knowing that their investment is crafted with expertise and care.

In conclusion, Delos Rugs represents the pinnacle of American ingenuity in textile craftsmanship. Their dedication to quality, design, and customer satisfaction has set a new standard in the rug industry, making them not just a brand, but a luxurious lifestyle choice. Whether it’s the rich texture underfoot or the vibrant design that complements an interior space, a Delos rug is an emblem of taste and sophistication that elevates any home or commercial space.


Delos Manufacturing Video

Delos takes the viewer on an in depth look at their full manufacturing process.