Reel Screens

The Ultimate Disappearing Screen


  • Reel Screens virtually disappear when not in use!
  • Reel Screens housings are small and specifically designed to rest on the surface or in the recess area of any door or window where they remain virtually unnoticeable.
  • The screen expands upon impact preventing damaged screens or personal injury.
  • Smooth, easy retraction; no slamming of the screen if accidentally released.
  • When not in use the screens is protected from dirt, ultra violet light and inclement weather. No more removing and storing of screens in winter!
  • A better, long lasting appearance.
  • Easy opening for both children and adults of any height.
  • Custom sizing takes mere moments.
  • Thick insect pile keeps the bugs out!
  • Withstands even the most extreme weather

Reel Screens offers to the homeowner and business owner a variety of products for doors and windows. The uniqueness of the Reel Screens product allows our dealers to install our retractable screen on virtually any door or window opening. The design of the screen makes it possible to install the screen on the inside of the opening as well as on the surface of the frame. The powder coated extruded aluminum comes in a variety of colors designed to match the d├ęcor of your home or office.