Wherever urine odor and staining is an issue... Urine-Off ™ is the solution!

Of the several major components of urine, it’s the urine crystals that ordinary cleaners and stain/odor removers can’t touch!

Until now, even the best urine stain and odor solutions could only wash away the water-based urine components, and mask the smell of the crystals while the affected area dried. But the dry crystals simply lay dormant for extended periods, only to resurface in moist conditions. How many times have you thought you had the problem licked, only to have it mysteriously return?

The enzymes in Urine-Off™ were developed specifically to attack the urine crystals, and just the urine crystals. It is not a disinfectant or cleaner – there are many products already available for that! But it DOES eliminate the crystals, and when the crystals are eliminated, stains and odors are gone - for good!

Urine-OffTM’s extraordinary effectiveness is obvious under ultraviolet (UV or “black”) light. Dried urine crystals fluoresce a characteristic bright yellow under a black light, even after the most thorough cleaning using traditional methods. But after treatment with Urine-Off™, the black light shows that all traces are gone! In some cases, black light is the recommended way to track down and eliminate all sources of urine odor, whether visible to the naked eye or not! (Do note that urine crystals are not visible under black light when wet - only when dry!)

Urine-OffTM is tough on urine crystals but easy on your belongings. Now you can deal with the urine problem on nearly any surface, hard or soft. Always check for color-fastness first to be sure – but in general, any water-tolerant material can withstand gentle Urine-Off™!